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Release Date:
Rating: 9.3
Directed by
Jaume Collet-Serra
Written by
Adam Sztykie, Rory Haines
Based on
Dwayne Johnson, Sarah Shahi, Viola Davis, Pierce Brosnan, Noah Centineo, Aldis Hodge, Mohammed Amer, Quintessa Swindell, Joseph Gatt, Marwan Kenzari, Odelya Halevi, Natalie Burn, Angel Rosario Jr.
Germany, United States of America, United Kingdom
DC Entertainment, Flynn Picture Company, New Line Cinema
English, Français, Polski, Deutsch, svenska, Español, Pусский, български език, Italiano, Português, ozbek, 한국어/조선말, Slovenčina, ελληνικά, Український, Magyar, עִבְרִית, Nederlands, 普通话, Português, ქართული

The Black Adam film is based on one of the DC Comics superhero characters which is currently showing in Semarang, Central Java, on Thursday, October 20, 2022.

How to watch Black Adam (2022) Full Movie is the supervillain best box office Georgia in America.

The Black Adam film is played by a series of famous Hollywood actors including Dwayne Johnson. Viola Davis, Sarah Shahi, Pierce Brosnan, Noah Centineo, Aldis Hodge, Angel Rosario Jr., Joseph Gatt, Mohammed Amer, and Quintessa Swindell.

Black Adam tells the story of the emergence of an antihero who was imprisoned for 5,000 years into the modern world of humans. It has a rough court system.

Black Adam Streaming For Free For a Limited Time in US on Challenge the Justice Society

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In the ancient Kahndaq, Teth Adam was bestowed with the almighty power of the gods. After using this power for revenge, he was imprisoned, becoming Black Adam.

Nearly 5,000 years have passed and Black Adam has gone from human, to myth, to legend. Upon release, his unique form of justice, born of anger. Is challenged by the modern heroes who make up the Justice Society. Hawkman, Dr. Fate, Atom Smasher, and Cyclone.

Citing the CGV, XXI, and Cinepolis pages. Here are the movie showtimes and ticket prices for Black Adam at the Semarang Central Java cinema.

How to watch Black Adam DC Universe is about to change

The hierarchy of power in the DC Universe may change with Black Adam. But the new film falls further down the Warner Bros. Critical reputation hierarchy. The last decade of superhero voices.

With comments arriving in Dwayne Johnson's car this afternoon. Black Adam currently has a approval rating from top critics on the Rotten Tomatoes review site.

After a productive journey that lasted more than ten years. Black Adam, the DC cinecomic with The Rock, is preparing to debut in theaters.

Directed by Jaume Collet-Serra, already at work with The Rock in Jungle Cruise. The film tells the story of Black Adam AKA Teth Adam who, 5,000 years. After being endowed with the almighty powers of the ancient gods and imprisoned just as quickly. Is freed from his earthly grave. Ready to unleash his unique form of justice in the modern world.

On the sidelines of the global premiere of the film held in the United States. Warner Bros. Discovery has streamed a brand new official Black Adam. In New York, the first social reactions to one of the few blockbusters arriving. In theaters at the end of 2022 in which cinemas. Are in great need of films capable of catalyzing have arrived online. the attention of the public.

Here is a review of the various comments that have arrived online. The reviews tend to be positive, even if not sensational. But there are also some decidedly critical voices.

Black Adam: the first social reactions

Black Adam of the DC breaks! Lots of action, characters that you quickly build an emotional. Relationship with and a great pace dwayne Johnson strikes a perfect balance. In being menacing and badass, but also empathetic. I especially loved Aldis Hodge's Hawkman and Pierce Brosnan's Doctor Fate. Make more JSA movies please!.

Then there is a truly excellent world building in this film, among the best seen in a DC film. Cinecomics that have momentum, emotion and a well-layered mythology. Are always the funniest ones in my view. Black Adam left me with the desire to see more.

Among the largest group of site-based critics, the rate is And if that number remained constant. It would be the lowest number for a 2017 Justice League DC movie, which has an approval rating. 23% by top critics and was so insulted by fans that a reworked version. Was ordered by the Warner brothers and came in the form of Zack Snyder's Justice League in 2021.

Black Adam is a DC film written and directed by Jaume Collet-Serra

To some extent positive review for different Chief film critic. Peter Debruge admitted that the purpose of the film is to give Black Adam a truly great introduction. On the assumption that he will face a more deserving opponent fairly soon.

Most others were less receptive to the origin story. Although many highlighted Johnson's performance as an important force. Black Adam marks the first time the star has anchored in a superhero movie. A job that the actor's physical fitness and commercial dominance might suggest is inevitable.

In a slight positive review, Keeper Peter Bradshaw said that. Johnson's giant head and a cunning gift of unbridled humor make him a wonderful superhero.

writing to Hollywood reporter critic John Defsor discussed the star's. Long association with Black Adam, writing that his passion project serves the character well. Preparing him for adventures that are hopefully less predictable.

in IGN Reviewing, Joshua Yehl gave Johnson a highest rating for making. Black Adam as steel and as impressive as in the comics.

Black Adam Action To Watch in NFL were included

But he criticized the film for being full of unsophisticated characters. And so many repetitive action scenes, that the almost hidden. Debate about what it means to be a hero is lost in all the noise.

rolling rock Senior editor and film critic David Fair wrote that. Even the pleasure of watching Johnson enter a mold of success that he seems. Destined to control can make up for how thorough, incoherent and incoherent he is.

In wrapping, Alonso Doralde called the film anti-entertainment and considered it one of the most visually. Confusing superhero stories, between the CGs that are offensively. Unattractive and the quick editing that sucks the euphoria out of every fight scene.

Attempt Critic David Ehrlich criticized the film. Opening his review with the question What happens when Hollywood's most risk. Averse star collides with Hollywood's most risk-averse genre?. His answer? Exactly what you would expect.

ScreenCrush Critic Matt Singer considered the film pretty mediocre as he wrote that. It sounds like a one-off designed to eliminate the stagnant DC Extended Universe. With a huge star and a bunch of new heroes to carry on in future films. After two grueling hours of setting the table. There's still you have a clear direction for DC's cinematic future and far less interest in watching it.

Where is the release date of Black Adam for UK?

Check out the information on the schedule for the premiere of the Black Adam film. At CGV and Cinepolis cinemas in Batam, namely CGV Grand Batam Mall, CGV Park Avenue Batam, Cinepolis Mall Botania 2.

Don't miss the information because the Black Adam film is premiering. In all cinemas in the country, including in Batam city cinemas today, Wednesday, October 19, 2022.

The schedule for watching the Black Adam movie in all CGV and Cinepolis cinemas in Batam for today. Wednesday, October 19, 2022, also includes information on ticket prices for each cinema.

Before we look at the watching schedule, to be more complete. it would be nice to first read the synopsis of Black Adam by clicking the link below.

No. The Rock arrives with the power of a pebble in the new action flick Black Adam,. In which the popular star plays the titular antihero in his first solo outing. It's every bit as thoughtless and rancid as the rest of DC Comics' crummy catalog.

How to Watch Black Adam: Is it Streaming or in Theaters?

Often the film is much worse both rushed and overlong and reminded me of the obnoxious. Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice with a fondness for greener grass. Aquaman, at least. Had giant seahorses and Nicole Kidman as the mermaid. Black Adam touts Pierce Brosnan giving a worse performance. Than when he sang Knowing Me, Knowing You in Mamma Mia!

A prologue informs us that 5,000 years ago in the fictional Kahndaq could be Egypt. Could be the Middle East a young slave sacrificed himself to free. His people and was therefore granted superpowers by the ancient wizard from Shazam!. He becomes Teth-Adam, the champion of Kahndaq.

To a somewhat positive review, leading film. Critic Peter Debruge admitted that the whole point of the film. Is for Ádám Fekete to give a proper big introduction on the assumption that he will soon face a more worthy opponent.

Most were less receptive to the origin story. Though many highlighted Johnson's performance as a major strength. Black Adam marks the star's first time anchoring a superhero film a job that the actor's fitness and commercial dominance might suggest is inevitable.

In a mildly positive review, The Guardian's Peter Bradshaw said that. Johnson's gigantic, planet-sized head and sly gift for unbridled humor make him a wonderful superhero.

Write to The Hollywood Reporter critic John Defsor spoke of the star's long relationship with Black Adam,. Writing that his passion project serves the character well and sets them. On adventures that hopefully would be less predictable.

Black Adam Fantasy To Watch often pointed out in various interviews Twitter

In IGN's review, Joshua Yehl gave Johnson. Top marks for making Black Adam as steely and imposing as he is in the comics. But he criticized the film for being filled with sophisticated characters. So many repetitive action scenes that. The almost hidden discussion of what it means to be a hero gets lost in all the noise.

Rolling rock senior editor and film critic David Fear writes that. Even the joy of watching Johnson get into a massive form that seems to dominate him. Can make up for how generic, tasteless and incoherent it is.

In covers, Alonso Doraldi called the film anti-fun and considered it. One of the studio's most confusing superhero visual stories, between the offensively. Unattractive CG and the fast paced editing that saps the joy out of every fight scene.

Aspiration Critic David Ehrlich criticized the film and opened his review with the question. What happens when Hollywood's most risk-averse star collides with Hollywood's most risk-averse genre?. His answer? It's exactly what you'd expect. Only worse.

Black Adam A 2022 full of Sci-Fi movies. And what remains

ScreenCrush Critic Matt Singer deemed the film fairly mediocre. As he wrote that it plays like a commissioned product designed to bring the stagnant. DC Extended Universe to life with a huge star and a slew of new heroes. Whom you can carry forward into the future. After two hours of grueling exposition. You get a clear direction for the capital's cinematic future and much less interest in seeing it in real life.

While promoting Black Adam, Johnson joked that bigger battles lie ahead for his eponymous hero. Leaked footage from the film's end credits scene has also sparked online conversations, hinting at who might face Black Adam in the future.

In addition to the title role, Johnson has stated. That he envisions himself as a possible consultant for DC films. Under the new leadership of CEO David Zaslav, Warner Bros. Discovery has become a sensitive strategic issue for upcoming DC films. With Zaslav stating that the company is looking for a leader similar to Marvel Studios. Chief Kevin Feige to sponsor the studio's next film. decades of comic book content.

Henry Cavill could return in Superman: Man of Steel 2. The Hollywood Reporter reveals it. According to new rumors, at Warner Bros, they are once again aiming. To bring the English actor back in the role of the iconic DC hero. A 'discounted' return? Not exactly.

Black Adam is based on the DC Comics Movie character

The last appearance of him, moreover, dates back to the turbulent Justice League. The film then returned to the limelight when Warner Bros decided to please fans by distributing the Snyder's Cut. The version of the film as intended by the original director: Zack Snyder. (The 2017 theatrical film was directed by Joss Whedon.

Many are now asking for the so-called Snyderverse to be restored but. Due to the various problems faced by Warner mainly due to Ezra Miller making the production of The Flash difficult. It is not said that there can be a sequel to the history of the Justice League of America. According to THR, behind the scenes the negotiations are multiple and in turmoil. Many directors involved in the DCEU: James Gunn, J.J. Abrahams. Matt Reeves and many others who, in one way or another, will return. May return behind the camera to continue the stories of the Detective Comics heroes.

Now, Dwayne Johnson also gets involved, in a few days in theaters with his Black Adam. The Justice Society of America will appear in the film. Krypton's youngest son, on the other hand, could make an appearance in the post-credit scene. Bringing back THR, Johnson is really eager to put on screen a showdown between Black Adam and Superman. In this plan, a pivotal role could be played by Johnson's manager, Dany Garcia. The latter, ironically, is also Cavill's representative.

Henry Cavill, until a few weeks ago, was also busy playing. Geralt of Rivia on the set of the Netflix TV series The Witcher. The series, whose third season is expected, brings to the small screen the adventures of the Strigo. Born from the pen of the Polish author Andrzej Sapkowski. Then made famous all over the world by the videogame adaptations of CD Projekt Red. The third season of The Witcher will be released on Netflix in the summer of 2023.

8 9/ 10stars
Rating: IMDb  / 7.6

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